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FCS emoji campaign graphics

Social media adverting

The Free Condom Service has 468 venues across six local authority areas and is run by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. The service provides free condoms and lubricant to people who need them.

The FCS is designed to be a user friendly service – unlike other condom services in the UK users of the FCS are not required to register any details.

Our campaign design was built around the existing Free Condom Service condom wrapper shaped logo. The simplicity of our design allowed us to build on the logo in a variety of playful ways, to deliver a simple, bold, accessible and memorable message.

The emoji designs offers an instantly recognisable, dynamic and witty take on a massively popular contemporary form of communication – creating a friendly and approachable connection with the FCS target audience while still conveying the important message.

For the outdoor part of the campaign, our aim is to both inform our target audiences about FCS, and also encourage people to make the FCS website their next stop.

Our main advertising push was on social media with month-long campaigns on Snapchat and YouTube. They featured a 10” animated promo ad.

The YouTube video had nearly 300,000 views in the first month and delivered a massive increase in traffic to the FCS website:

  • Users up 1,698% compared to previous month (16,402 v 912)
  • New users up 1,747% compared to previous month (16,255 v 880)
  • Page views up 715% compared to previous month (28,463 v 3492)
  • Users up 662% compared to previous year (16,402 v 2,152)
  • New users up 678% compared to previous year (16,255 v 2,088)
  • Page views up 315% compared to previous year (28,463 v 6,856)


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