Activist Academy

2017, Branding, Website Design

Activist Academy is a five day intensive skills-based training programme for young people in Europe who have a strong interest in LGBTQI rights.

The programme will involves practical modules on topics such as public speaking, campaigning, project management and advocacy, all delivered by leading global LGBTQI organisations.

Icon development


Colour palette

Website homepage

Client quote

IGLYO has worked with Haiwyre for many years and they always deliver fresh and striking designs.

The Activist Academy branding and website are a perfect example. The logo is instantly recognisable and the images used through really capture the essence of the project – youthful, inspirational and engaging. Our partner organisations have all complimented the branding and our target audience, young people, have responded very positively to it. This is essential to raise the profile of our organisation and ensure the success of our activities.

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