Youth charity
Branding, Website Design
2 June 2016

IGLYO is a Belgian-based charity that works with over 95 LGBTQI youth and student organisations throughout Europe.

It is run by young people for young people that aims to empower and enable its members to ensure representation of LGBTQI youth and student issues.

Previous logo

The previous IGLYO identity’s only graphic element was a rainbow motif. In the LGBTQI community the rainbow is overused and commonplace, so lacks ownership.

IGLYO needed a dynamic and engaging marque to set it’s self apart from other organisations and reflect it’s the go-to NGO for LGBTQI young people.


IGYLO is people power for change – freedom and equality through education and campaigning.

People; hearts, minds, friendship.

Power; hearts, minds and guidance.


Hands together;
– welcoming
– friendship
– helping
– loving
– guiding
– greeting

New logo icon


Solid colour


Full logo

Old and new comparison

Campaign tagline

+44 (0)141 363 3684

23 Burgh Hall Street
Glasgow G11 5LN